Friday, 21 March 2008

21March 2008-Curry Dinner at Bombay Restaurant

Dearest AKiko-chan was so sweet to invite me along for indian food at Wanjari-san's brother restaurant.. Wanjari-san is an Indian colleague who speaks fluent Japanese.. How cool is that? He speaks Indian and English and Japanese as good as a native! I can only speak English as a native.. :S

This is the stairs leading the bombay restaurant...... The restaurant is actually opened by Wanjari-san's brother... So here is the humble indian setting.. The place was really nice and comfy to eat in..
And eating Indian food means there must be NAan!!!! And being friends of the owner's brother, we got to see how Naan was made!! Its actually made in this furnace with tempertures raised by charcoals to 40o degree celcius!!!
And we got a photo in the kitchen!!! Can you see the furnace?
These are th food we ate the restaurant.. The ingredients in Japan made me enjoy Indian food than ever.. Even Wanjari-san said that Indian food here was better than those in INdia.. Curry.. Tandoori, Lassi!!! Cheers to Indian Food!!!

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