Monday, 17 March 2008

17th-18th March: DinnerS wiTh 亜貴子

All right!! i'm gonna catch upon my blog and ensure I finish all March entries before May ends!!! XP

I finally had the chance to take picture with the prettiest girl in the work building.. (Or at least i think so!!) Here's sweet and pretty Akiko!!!! She's pretty and kind!! And on top of that, she's like a sister to me!!! Poor Akiko had to work overtime today cuz she started work really early.. And because of that.. she treated me to dinner!! Isn't that sweet and nice of her? She actually treated me to dinner because she had extra pay from overtime.. So touched.. :')

And she treated me to a meal of かつ定食!!!(Ka-tsu-Tei-shoku) This meal is fantastic!!!! The katsu had cheese wrapped with vegetable and pork!! And it was super delicious.. Yes!!! I feel the wasteline!! But i'm following Janan's notion that to enjoy good food, you can't miss out the fats.. Haha!! Stop looking at my double chin!!

I was so touched, that it was time I did something in return! Even my mummy asked me to give my Piggy sister a treat.. Piggy sister=豚姉 (Ton-shi) In Chinese, she would have been 猪姐.. Well, I'm 猪妹 aka 豚妹 (Ton-mai) and we're 猪姐妹 aka 豚姉妹 (Ton-shi-mai)!!! All right, time to stop my lame jokes.. But we had 回転すし(kai-ten-su-shi) which means conveyor belt sushi!!

I loved this photo.. Its simple yet the angle made the sushi really stand out on the conveyor belt.. And the sushi on the plate is actually my favourite dish at the 豚姉妹's favourite 回転すし restaurant...

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