Thursday, 31 July 2008

Welcome back Samuel!

Samuel returned from France two nights ago, and I finally had the chance to meet him.. He's really surprised me from the time I met him again during my pageant last year.. Remembering the bunch of us not really liking him cuz we thought he was arrogant, he really highlighted to me first impressions dun count.. Running into him along the corridor on the day of my pageant, I found out he was a long time friend of Tim.. We asked him along to come watch me for the pageant... He said he would try, but he was not sure,, But he turned up in the end, and with a bunch of flowers! So sweet! It was really surprising for me cuz I thought no one knew the culture of giving gifts when you turn up for a friend's performance..

So what was the surprise this time round? He actually bought me the blow torch I asked for when he was in France.. Mind you this is from France, made in FRance.. Priced in Euros, you wun believe how expensive this is.. I wanted him to help me buy, but it was a souvenir from him.. Its like woah! I didn't even spend that much getting Omiyages for my coursemates...

To pass me my long waited gift, we met up and guess what? He came to pick me!! And we went Holland V! I finally had the chance to visit Shermay's Cooking School to look at the little shop selling good stuff.. And we visited all the quaint little shops we found there.. There was this shop where we bought a hazelnut crunch cake from.. Well, actually a place where Samuel got it from.. He's like a Singapore version of Tat-chan.. The second man I knew who had a sweet tooth! Ain' that adorable? Haha... I'm sure he hates this description... And very nice Mr Chee treated me to Haagen Daz after that...

I have to blog this because he is the first friend I had who made so much effort to cheer me up.. And in this short time, I have learnt how true Samuel is as a friend to all his buddies..
And, I have started my splurge on the more extravagant ingredients.. Madagascar vanilla bean paste and extract set at $70+?

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