Sunday, 7 June 2009

Aussie Day 17: Breakfast at the Farm

The Inn which we were staying at was pretty peculiar but the colours does make one feel refreshed.. They even have a griller outside in the little garden for bbq.. We only stayed one night though, but it was really comfy.. :PP6071256 P6071257 P6071258   P6071261 P6071262 P6071264 P6071265
The owners of the house planted lavenders in the front lawn and it was the first time I saw lavenders! I mean live ones!!P6071266 P6071267 P6071268 P6071269 P6071270 P6071271 P6071272 P6071275 P6071276 P6071277
We proceeded to the breakfast which everyone looked forward to, however, the smell outside the restaurant didn’t pike up our appetites… The long wait, however, made us hungry enough to yearn for more food!
P6071279 P6071280 P6071281 P6071282 P6071283 P6071285 P6071287 P6071289 P6071290 P6071292 P6071293 P6071294 P6071295 P6071296 P6071297   P6071301 P6071302  P6071306  P6071308   P6071313 P6071315  P6071318   P6071322 P6071323 P6071324 P6071325  P6071329 P6071334 P6071336 P6071337 P6071340 P6071342 Scones with farm fresh jam! I bought a bottle back for dearie Sihan.. Haven’t found out whether she like them.. But la confiture (that means the jam in French) was chunky and full of berry goodness!
P6071343 P6071344 P6071345 P6071346 P6071347 P6071348 P6071349 P6071354 P6071355 P6071356 P6071357
Our car was heading for a port where we would drive onto a boat that would take us across the bay.. Poor drivers were tired.. So he just slept..
  P6071359 P6071360 P6071364 P6071365 P6071366
And tada! We arrived!
 P6071367 P6071368 P6071369 P6071370
P6071371 P6071372 P6071374 P6071375 P6071377 P6071378 P6071379 P6071380 P6071381 P6071382 P6071383 P6071384 P6071385 P6071386 P6071389 P6071390 P6071391 P6071392 P6071393 P6071396 P6071397 P6071398 P6071399 P6071400 P6071401 P6071402 P6071403 P6071404 P6071405 P6071406 P6071407 P6071408 P6071409 P6071410 P6071411 P6071412 P6071413 P6071414 P6071415 P6071416 P6071417
 P6071418 This is a light house with no light the light was just from my car’s high beam..
Dinner was pretty much budget since most shops in port campbell were closed and this was the most affordable thing around.. A food court.. Australian style..
P6071425 P6071426 P6071427 P6071428 P6071429   P6071432 P6071433

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