Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Aussie Day 20: :Last Day In Australia,Perth

We stayed at a hostel which I will never forget the name. Billabong.. In Perth… Again breakfast was provided.. And I was attracted by the Candy machine as you can see here.. :) Bought myself some mints.. :D P6101642 P6101643   P6101646
Here is Barrack Pier where people take cruise to different places like swan valleys and Fremantle for their one day tours…P6101647     P6101652 P6101653  P6101655 P6101656 P6101657 P6101658  P6101660 P6101661 P6101662     
This is the Swan Bells tower which hangs the bells at the top of the tower or something like that.. but due to budget constraints.. After spending more than 2k over 3 weeks, we can only view from the bottom.. :P

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心魔 said...

In all, a very informative and enjoyable series in your Aussie scrapbook!

Nonetheless, can we resume normal programming now please...? :)