Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Aussie Day 13: Cradle Mountain, Devonport, Tasmania

P6030839 P6030840
After the night of horror from the night pest, something we still have no idea what it is, looks like a racoon, trying to enter our cosy cabins as the cooking we made attracted them. They even had the audacity to open the doors on their own.  P6030842
And no, these little creatures aren’t the rascals that attacked us the night before.. These are cute little animals called Pademelons.. They are really cute, but really shy.. Any step near them and they hop 10 steps back… But somehow, I have some affinity with animals.. They get along with me very well.. Well, when Yi Guang walked over, the Pademelons ran away… Poor Chuiyi was traumatized by these little beings..
P6030844  P6030847P6030845
We proceeded to our walk around Cradle mountain, but it was just too cold for us… Brrr….
 P6030848    P6030852 P6030856 P6030857 P6030858 P6030859 P6030860 P6030861  P6030864
P6030865 P6030866  P6030869 P6030870 P6030871 P6030872 P6030873 P6030874 P6030875  P6030878 P6030879 P6030880 P6030881 P6030886 P6030887 P6030888 P6030889 P6030894 P6030895  P6030899 P6030902 P6030909
 P6030912 P6030913 P6030914 P6030918 P6030925  P6030929 P6030930 P6030931 P6030933
P6030928P6030934 P6030935 P6030936 P6030937 P6030938 P6030939
Some of the guys wanted to take the 5km walk on the mountain trail.. The rest of us too scared of the cold to do so simply backed away to the cafe to chill out.. :)
After that, it was driving down the mountain to devonport to catch the spirit of Tasmania to head for Melbourne..
P6030940 P6030941 P6030942 P6030943  
Dave and I watched Marley and Me on the ship.. The ship was really rocking badly though… Some of the aero folks got seasick… P6030946

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