Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Aussie Day 19: Back to Melbourne to fly to Perth!

After our night at Port Campbell for the 12 Apostles, we made our way back to Melbourne to the airport.. This day was pretty much just driving around…
P6091585 P6091586 P6091587 P6091588 P6091589 P6091592
We were all amazed at our own brand of fashion line.. Haha.. Specially for Aero Peeps.. :P  P6091590P6091591
The Great Ocean Road!!!! The road that lead you to the beautiful 12 Apostles… And dun you just love this shot? Don’t ask me where SLBH was looking though..
  P6091593 P6091594 P6091595 P6091596  
At the vineyard..Nothing much.. I didn’t even buy wine..
 P6091599 P6091600 P6091601 P6091602 P6091603 P6091604 P6091605 P6091606  
The vineyard we visited, which had not grapes cuz its winter… :S

Flew from Melbourne to land in Perth! Tada!!
P6091609 P6091610 P6091611 P6091608P6091612 P6091613 P6091614 P6091615 P6091616 P6091617 P6091618 P6091619 P6091620 P6091621 P6091622  P6091624   P6091627     P6091632 P6091633  P6091635  P6091638  P6091634

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