Thursday, 4 June 2009

Aussie Day 14: From the Spirit of Tasmania to the Heart of Melbourne

The Spirit of Tasmania, the cruise which we spent the night on, arrived in Melbourne early in the morning at about 5am in the morning.. Here you see the bay/port of Melbourne greeting the 5am morning skies..
 P6040948 P6040949    P6040957 P6040958P6040951 P6040952  P6040964 P6040966 P6040967 P6040968 P6040971 P6040972
Here is the port of which we arrived at.. The most dreading part was lugging the baggage from the cruise all the way to the tram.. Bleahz…
After settling down at the hostel and dropping of our baggage, we headed to taking the train to…  Flinders St Station! Woots!P6040975 P6040980 P6040985  P6040987 P6040992
What kind of smell does starhub and singtel have Then? I think they smell like durian.. Cuz their prices plans and service some times smell like durian.. Haha.. Well, not exactly, but you know the times when they piss you off don’t you?
Who is that guy? So candid! Haha..
P6040994 P6040995 P6040999
At the Flinders Street Station, we have the Melbourne Visitor Centre.. The place where I bought Jiali’s present.. :DP6041000 P6041002 P6041004
The visitor centre has really cool 3D maps as you can see below and above:P6041005 P6041006 P6041007 
The rest of Federation Square and the area.. There was wireless LAN which Dave and I were happily tapping into to surf on some stuff.. Hahaha..
P6041013   P6041018 P6041019 P6041020 P6041023 P6041024 P6041025 P6041026 P6041027 P6041030 P6041031 P6041032 P6041033 P6041034
Sushi for lunch? They weren’t authentic, but they tasted really good!
P6041035 P6041036 P6041037 P6041038
After a little walking around the Flinders St, we proceeded to.. Brunswick St for shopping.. After three hours, everyone had bags of stuff… Lol.. I got myself a really cheap dress for $10 and I think some stuff from body shop at really low price too!P6041039 P6041040 P6041041 P6041042 P6041043 P6041044 P6041045
WE returned to the Melbourne centre and guess what I found? Something we should be proud of! Our food in Melbourne!!!
 P6041047 P6041048 P6041049 
Of course Dinner wasn’t Singapore food.. We had pizza!!! Woots!!
P6041051 P6041052 P6041053 P6041054  P6041056 P6041057 P6041058 P6041059 P6041061

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