Saturday, 6 June 2009

Aussie Day 16: The Philip Island Zoo and the Penguin Parade

The day proceeded as we continued making our way to our new hostel..
P6061152 P6061153 P6061154 P6061155 P6061156 P6061157 P6061158 P6061159 P6061160 P6061161 P6061162 P6061163 P6061164 P6061165 P6061166 P6061167 P6061168 P6061169 P6061170 P6061171 P6061172 P6061174 P6061175 P6061176 P6061177 P6061178
We had a whole loads of shots before crossing over to Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade.. The pier.. The flowers and the bridge..
P6061179 P6061180 P6061181 P6061182 P6061183 P6061184 P6061185 P6061186 P6061187 P6061188
Lunch was really great Fish and Chips and I was so busy getting ready for the food I forgot to take photos of the food.. Haha… But the fish and chips was a really huge portion.. If you check out the photo of the family having picnic and enjoying their fish and chips, that was the portion I’m talking about.. Freaky… Smart part? You have to pay for the Tartar sauce. Who wouldn’t pay for it? What’s Fish and chips without the Tartar sauce?

We spent the evening before the penguin feeding Outback animals at the reserve.. Is that what it’s called? Can’t remember…
P6061189 P6061190   P6061193 P6061194 P6061195  P6061197 P6061198 P6061199 P6061200 P6061201 P6061202 P6061203 P6061204 P6061205 P6061206 P6061207 P6061208 P6061209    P6061213 P6061214 P6061215 P6061216 P6061217 P6061218 P6061219 P6061220 P6061221 P6061222 P6061228 P6061229 P6061230 P6061231 P6061232  P6061235 P6061236 P6061237 P6061238  P6061240 P6061239P6061241 P6061242 P6061243 P6061244
No kiss for me?

Penguin Parade was a beautiful sight, but one which one had to go down personally to check out.. Partly because photos are not allowed because it may frighten the penguins from returning to Phillip Island.. But its really cool… At a specific time, the whole pack of penguin simply return together in a huge pack and they slowly make their way to their little burrows.. Its really really cute.. Some of them mate.. But that’s beside the point..
 P6061245 P6061246 P6061247 P6061248 P6061249 P6061250 P6061251 P6061252

Great.. The only group photo and I had to blink..

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