Friday, 5 June 2009

Aussie Day 15: Travelling around Melbourne Waterfront City

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The bunch of us woke up and got ready for great shopping at the Factory outlets of Melbourne, at Waterfront City.. YG had a really funny conversation with some Australian kids.. Apparently he was seating on their imaginary friend.. YG had no idea what an imaginary friend was and what the kids were really laughing about.. lol
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Time to practice my Qi Gong at Waterfront City.. Haha…
 P6051111 P6051112   P6051116 P6051117 P6051118 P6051119 P6051120  P6051122 Serene and I had a necklace and earring respectively of Tinkerbell which we were totally excited about.. Serene got hers from the Waterfront City for a good bargain..
Missing the Italian food at Tasmania, we decided to try this Italian restaurant in Melbourne city centre.. But it wasn’t as good as the one in Tasmania…
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Affogato and Tiramisu..
  P6051143  P6051145  P6051148  P6051150  Purchase of my favourite alcohols! Frangelico, butterscotch snapps and dark chocolate liquor.. I forgot the most important liquor though… Creme de Cassis!!!!

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