Monday, 8 June 2009

Aussie Day 18: 12 Apostles

Well, our day didn’t start with the 12 Apostles, but we went to see a lighthouse in the morning, which was coupled with breakfast.. :P
 P6081435 P6081436  P6081438 P6081439 P6081440  P6081442 P6081443 P6081444 P6081445  P6081447   P6081450 P6081451    P6081455 P6081456
The guard of the light house was really friendly and he even offered us caps to take photos with!P6081457 P6081458 P6081459 P6081461 P6081462 P6081463 P6081464 P6081465
But most of the guys who went up to the light house ‘hum ji’ (got cold feet) when they were looking down at this view fromt he tower.. Its about 12 stories high if I’m not wrong.. :D
P6081466 P6081467 P6081468 P6081469 P6081470 P6081471 P6081472 P6081473 P6081474 P6081475 P6081476 P6081477 P6081478 P6081479 P6081480 P6081481   P6081484 P6081485
Away from the light house, we were all getting ready for jump shots….. AGAIN!
P6081486 P6081487 P6081488 P6081489 P6081490 P6081491 P6081492 P6081497
Apparently YG and my timing was damn off.. I couldn’t catch good jump shots.. But the next ones coming up were really fuuny!!
P6081498 P6081499 P6081500 P6081501
Yup! Kung fu masters in action.. Well, more like street fighters.. HahaP6081502 P6081503 P6081504 P6081505 P6081506
Lunch was at a restaurant… and I shall not talk about the prices.. Look at it yourself…P6081507 P6081508 P6081509 P6081510 P6081511 P6081512 P6081513  P6081517P6081515 P6081516P6081514
 P6081520  P6081522
I think we ordered the 4th item from the 2nd picture.. :D

Here ain’t the apostles yet, but still a worthwhile photozone..
P6081523 P6081524 P6081525 P6081526 P6081527 P6081528 P6081529 P6081530 P6081531 P6081532 P6081533 P6081534  P6081536  P6081538
 P6081539 P6081540 P6081541 P6081542 P6081543 P6081544 P6081545 P6081546
P6081547 P6081548 P6081549  P6081551
 P6081553P6081554 P6081555 P6081556 P6081557 P6081558 P6081559   P6081562 P6081563 P6081564
Er-hem… Super act sweet.. :PP6081565   P6081568 P6081569 P6081570 P6081571 P6081572 P6081573 
My camera was flat by the time we reached the 12 apostles.. But I managed to rip one photo from Serene’s camera.. :) However, we were late cuz we spent so much time at the less important destinations taking the photos above.. So all the photos at the 12 apostles were pretty dark.. untitled3
And voila.. Italian food for dinner!untitled2 P6081575 P6081576 P6081577 P6081578 P6081579 P6081581 P6081583 P6081584


心魔 said...

You survived on such a long trip with that one, same, yellow jacket?

Cheese, Cake, Cupcake, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Claire, Clementine, Cookies and Cream said...

YEs.. Actually we did our laundry there.. So yeah..