Saturday, 10 November 2007


My letter to appear in court finally arrived. Its gonna be on the 2nd of January. God bless me to have it after my exams. But the letter arrived to my parents before I could hide it. Mummy sounded really worried about my 12 demerit points and the fine. I reassured her I will handle it on my own. Poor mummy. She has so much to go through. If I start in my mother's life story, I could make a movie. She's a real legend and I believe a huge part of me today came from her. So I really felt so bad to get the speeding problem and letting her know. I tried really hard to hide it from her. To save her from the added note on her list of worries. But guess it didn't work out. Just hope she won't worry too much about me. Poor mommy spends 99% of her time worrying about everything except herself.

Spennt a nice night at Dave's place and I totally enjoyed Oink Oink's mother's coooking... The roast chicken was better than KFC finger licking good. I should totally get the recipe. Since I brought cute little Mango over, I managed to take a video of Toto and Mango playing. As everyone observed, Mango has grown. Sho sad... Sob**

Did I mention I got a new dog? I named it Mocha. Cuz its fur reminded me of the colour of Mocha. Brown with a tinge of white. Ok.. Its Cappucino colour. But its such a long name for a dog. Mocha is a 6months old Chi Hua Hua and he's seriously chy, but being a male, They love peeing against walls and doors.. Its bad enough to do it on the floor, but on the door!?! But he's really quiet and shy....

Ruby returned from the second adopter after she bit someone there. Poor mummy had to chauffer Ruby here and there. If I knew Jasmine would make my mum a chauffer, I wouldn't have adopted Ruby. Everytime someone wants to take a look at Ruby, My mum has to drive to pick the people over to our place to take a look at Ruby. When they want to adopt her, Mummy has to drive Ruby and the adopter to their place. The next moment Ruby bites the new adopter, Jasmine calls my mum to go over to their place to pick Ruby back. I seriously think its a little overboard. This is gonna sound cruel, but Ruby needs the SPCA. Cuz the way she's being dumped around due to her biting behavior, I think she's happier when SPCA puts her to sleep. I can't let her roam in my place, so when mummy drives her back, she's leashed up and restrained to a less than 1m walking radius. But Jasmine and the volunteers at K-9 love insists on finding the right owner. But the problem is if Ruby doesn't stop giving people bads that leave ugly scars like the ones on my foot, she ain't gonna settle down and she will remain sad. On top of that, I feel bad making my mum take the trouble for me cuz I have exams.. But I dun think it very right to make my um a chauffer either.

Oh.. And my Nephew, Yi Heng turns one today!! Happy Birthday Yi Heng!! We kinda had a celebration on Wednesday and Thursday at Aloha Loyang. The stuff I baked was all out!!! Everyone finished the food I made. My carrot cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting gained the great recognitions from my mum. Coming from mummy, the carrot cakes must be really good!!! What's so special about these carrot cakes? Well, its packed with many goodies other than grated carrots!!! There's dessicated coconut, raisins, chocolate chunks in it. Only problem would be that my piping nozzles seem to be disappearing. My carrots looks.. 'not fresh' on the cupcake.. Lol..

Oh well, at least mummy's friends and cloase family members enjoyed it.. And Many of mummy's friends requested for a jar of of Chocky Chunky Cookies.. Wahaha.. But its really irresistably good... Even weight consious me couldn't resist. Looks like I have loads of baking to do after the exams!! :D

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