Friday, 2 November 2007

Meet Toto..The new addition to the Tan Family..

Wahhaa.. Check this out..This is the Tan's family new pup. Its a mini maltese and Steph called it Toto. Think Dave's sister, Steph, called it Toto cuz its cute, but i think a better reason will be that it may be a toto luck charm for their mum. Haha.. Well, the mum wasn't very excited about the new member of the family. But I think it'll past. When dogs are so cute, they won't be able to resist. The bottom two pictures had abit of special effects. I kinda explored the touch up functions of my T20. Thought it was pretty great. :P

I remember my Yi Ma disliking their new dog,Tracy. But after sometime, she always brought along a lunch box to pack any leftovers when they ate outside. And the leftovers were definitely not for my cousins.

Since my baking whisk broke down, I could only bake using hand whisk. That doesn't allow me to bake that often, but I managed to bake the white chocolate sandwich biscuits. I have finally decided to call it 白い恋人(shi-ro-i ko-i-bi-to). It means white lover. The biscuit was made to perfection after a light toast to bring out the aroma of the eggwhites and the crisp made the biscuit a taste of 気持ち(ki-mo-chi). It means a feeling of goodness. Not what the naughty boys think it is. Wahaha...

Well the flourescent lamp in my room kind of went out, So in a way, I have been licving in darkness for the past three nights. So if you look at this photo below, it was taken with a flash in darkness.

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