Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Corny Cornflakes Muffin

Would you believe I'm so bored I painted a picture of a cornflake muffin in a glassjar? Well, not really.. its just the effects of my camera.. I thought it looked like a painting though..

Kinda have craving for muffins,so here's my cornflakes muffin. Yummy... This is a normal shot, so the resolution is so much clearer.

The muffins were really good. Wholesome and tasty, and not too sweet. Toasted and served with a cup of latte for breakfast wakes u up to a good morning. Yummy..

Heat transfer today was pretty ok, Guess I could do most of the paper.. Just a few silly mistakes here and there, but I could do most parts.. Given the few days effort of last minute rushing of tutorials and reading the exam solutions only less than 10 hours before and up to the moment before I enter the exam hall, I dare say I did much better than I expected. A shoutout to Dave for answering my hopeless cries and tantrums... Thanks Oinky!! Wouldn't have done it without you. Seriously lack the mood to study. Even the night before the paper I was playing with sweet mango.. But Oinky helped me alot and stayed tantrum with my impatient cries for help and frustrations over not understanding...

Dad's mum here again, so here I am seeking sanctuary at my sister's place. So gonna stay at alone in this beautiful house of my sister.. :D Will upload pic of her place soon.. Its comfy.. :D

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