Friday, 2 November 2007

12 demerit points and $1000 fine

Not a really fantastic day... Drove at 114km/h(according to traffic police camera) along mandai road(which totally had no cars, no traffic lights-really perfect for speeding) which had a speed limit of 70km/h. Well, its not that I was exactly speeding for fun or the adrenalin rush, but it was mainly cuz I was in a rush. But this was really an expensive lesson for me. Gotta think of ways to pay back this amount now. ROar!! But I guess I can't do much but wait for the letter before I say more. Besides, its a no-no thing for mummy to know since she is bothered enough with everything going on at home. But everyone has been expressing concerns and find out for me ways to plead for guilty. So just have to say a big Thank you to all of you showing concern. In particular, Dave, Dingzhi, Jingwei and Nick. :D But Its still quite traumatic. The feeling of having this record in my traffic record history isn't very good.

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