Tuesday, 20 November 2007

TGEO means Thank God Exams Over (I noe it ain't over.. yet..)

Well, I know Exams ain't over.. But most of us ain't feeling as motivated as before to study like we used to.. Ain't we? But fret not.. Our last paper will be next Friday.. and my dearest baking Buddy, Si Han and I decided to organise an event for us to celebrate the end of EXAMS!!!

Details are pretty much on the poster above, so just RSVP with me or Si Han k? Well, one movie is already 9.50, exclusive if popcorn. So $12 isn't asking too much right? Plus there's free parking? You will catch at least three movies at my movie marathon, depending on how long u wanna stay.. If you can stay till the next morning, you should be able to watch at least 6 movies.. So wad do you say? We'll promise nice snacks.. So RSVP with Me and SiHan asap k? onky 25 people are allowed!

Do write on our tagboards at
for the kind of movie u wanna watch or the snacks u wanna eat..

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