Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Five down.. one last battle to fight

Its really sick having to go through 15 days of exams in year 3. Kian Ping was so right.. I think he's one of the few who agree with me. Dave thinks this exam is passing by quicker than we think. But I feel that this exam is going on for too long.. too long for me to accept... Maybe cuz this sem, I seem less prepared compared to previous years... I used to get tutorials done before every lesson, take down answers before exams. Exams used to seem so short (and mind you it used to last for almost a month!) and I always hoped for more time to study.. And now, Even till the moment I took the exam, I have yet to read the solutions I obtained from Oinky for the tutorials. How lazy can I get? But This exam is really very bad.. Like today's aerody, the only thing I read was tut 6 and abit of equations here and there for Rotor Craft. CFD seems to be an sanscript which I could not decipher, so I gave up the entire questionn

I had to post this cuz I managed to catch Mango sticking out her tongue and its so irresistably cute

My past few papers weren't my best efforts either. I seemed to have entered the exam with a brain of read through tutorials and randomly memorised formulas or incomplete studying. On top of that, its not as though I attended every lecture and tutorial. And even if I did, I probably listened with a half attentive brain.

Mango has this mushroom head which I find damn cute!!!

I seriously dun really give much of a damn about my results. If I can get a minimum B (not B+) for each subject, I will be damn happy liaoz.. Its like I nv even study, den nv da bao, I think I quite shen liaoz.. Some people studied like crap and still da bao.. That's pure unlucky.. I remembered my struggles the past two sems to do well. den end up getting Bs and Cs. Its unlucky, but not pure unlucky. Maybe there was abit of a lack in effort there.

Mango has grown bigger and she's 7 months. But she's still so cute!!

Well, dun really care so much. But hope oinky can do well. He's really good in all the exams he took, but he's damn careless.. The survey seems to need editing before I print it on Friday. Hope year 4 will be better.

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