Sunday, 18 November 2007

In the mood of Exams

Exams are the saddest part of a university life... Apart from Exams, everything in university is all worthwhile, From Friends to the activities you take part. Just that Exams take up too heavy a weightage.. If we had to study without Exams, we may learn better. But if we dun have exams, would we bother studying? Maybe having short quizzes every now and then would be a better option. When I came across this mail, I realise my life doesn't seem to part very far from it...
New School Semester: I returned from Hong Kong, getting ready for a new semester.

At the first week: It was hard catching up the stuff I missed for two days and returning from my holiday mood

At the second week: I decided to take a break and miss school to teach tuition and bake and maybe not waste time listening to lousy lecturers..

Before the mid-term test: Things like AerodyII and Heat Transfer seems a big waste of time, so I decided not to study..

During the mid-term test: What happens when a flow goes into a nozzle? Well, I'm not sure, But I do know I choked like that when I saw that question:

After the mid-term test: Aerody was a D, but I couldn't care less cuz wad is done cannot be undone..

Before the Final Exam: We still had loads of last minute graded assignments, it kinda blinded our view how close the Exams were.. So we were like chey.. Complete Assignments first bahz..

Once know the exam schedule: E-mail for the exam seating came before we even finished the last minute graded assignment for Aerody II and Flight Mech

7 days before Exams: Still sleeping at my usual sleeping time..

6 days before Exams: Looking like that in LWN, waiting for the answers to Aerody...

5 days before Exams: I looked like that studying in my room, but eventually, I landed up on my bed..

4 days before Exam: Well, when you are year 3, and taking the exams for the 5th time, You can't really focus that well unless you're a scholar..

3 days before Exams: I'm in a total looney mood... Cuz the tutorial solutions drive me like that:

2 days before exams: When I dun understand Dave's solution, I drive myself up the wall...

1 day before exam: Well, I'm moving house anywae, So I guess the bloodstain on the wall wun matter anymore..

Night before exam: The pile of stuff I cannot finish studying looks so hopeless.. Roar...

One hour before Exam: I could have sworn I would have done this if my breakfast table was the size of the Exam table.. Last minute revision over breakfast isn't very helpful either..

During the Exam: Lighting conditions are pretty good.. But I could feel the spotlight on me, emphasizing how desolate I was...

Once walk out from Exam hall: All the after exam discussions make me feel like this when I realise how wrong my answers were...

After the Exam, during the holiday: I can bua long long all my time till the next sem of torture starts.. Thankfully next sem is IA...

Oh well, I know its the exams.. but when I kind of realise I have no potential in this field, I rather keep myself happy remembering the moment in my life.. Besides, fantasizing about the holidays is so much more fun than studying for the exams..

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