Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Cream and more cream

Well, the pollls have closed... I think 7 days is too short to make a decision on what I want. But it is valuable feedback nonetheless.. Think I should use that poll thing that Si Han uses. It seems more useful.. Think I will soon create more polls to determine some things I wonder and how trends go. Sometimes, I find myself too much immersed in studying in NTU and teaching tuition and creating some of my really lousy bakes that I lose touch with what's going on around me. The newspaper I asked mummy to order keeps piling up cuz I can't find the time to read it. Partyly because I'm always wasting time doing nonsensical stuff.. Lol... But it feels good to do so nonetheless.

Pretty pissed with school admin and education policies though. I feel that Exams are getting pretty pointless. Cuz we're like year 3 and sick of the past 4 semester filled with exams, we now have this 'I ONLY WANT TO KNOW WAD COMES OUT IN THE EXAM. NOT TESTED, DUN TEACH' I agree with it since I am one of those with such mentalities. On top of that, the weightage of Exam is too much and it only allows one screw up and that's it! No more chance unless you da pao. Imagine spending 2.5 hours in an exam for a 70% grade while spending sleepness nights on Prof Roxanna's assignment, trying to work out solutions with things we were not taught, having to edit and write explanationa, claims and assumptions for resubmitting just for 10% grade. I wonder what do you guys think?

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