Monday, 3 December 2007

Exams are Over!!!!

Oh my god!!! My propulsion paper was a huge piece of crap.. but what the heck... The other papers were pretty much crap too.. Just glad exams are finally over!!! I've been spenging time the past few days doing the things I like!! here's a quickie update:

Friday 30th November 2007

Studied till 3.30am with Lin Sui and gang.. Got home, took a shower and slept at 4.30am.. Woke up at 6am, and left for school.. Continued my last lap for propulsion... Den took the exam which felt like crap cuz all it felt was a blur and the only thing i could think of during the entire paper was wad to do when this paper ends...

So the paper ended, and it was great to have a large bunch of the Aero course mates to spend time together at the grand stand giving feedbacks about the course. But I kind of realise the a survey should never have a neutral option, cuz it kinda deems the survey invalid when the person chooses neural for everything. Its like there's nothing bad or good... Just indifferent about the course. Everyone just seemed to want to complain Prof Eicher Low's lack of professionalism in copying someone else's question for the exam question... In a way its not fair since some people had the answer and could save time and copy the answer.. Well, lucky Tim is one of them.. So I guess this sem will be another breezeof good reults for him.. But other than that, everyone seems very satisfied with the quality and quantity of notes.. For those they were unhappy about, they put a neutral.. This would kind of make the survey invalid.. But whatever... I can't be bothered about this course anymore.. Everyone else just seems apathetic about wat is going on and I think the attendance on Tuesday will substantiate our attitude.

After that, I sent Dave to Hi-P to take his IQ test. Shopped around in Jurong East while waiting for him to complete his IQ test. After which, we proceeded to Balestier, to Eileen's father's shop to choose tiles for our new home.. I chose the files for my toilet.. Was pretty excited about it... I'm gonna have a sunken shower, with artistic black tiles. The vanity wall would be black tiles too... I can't wait to move to Springside...

After we chose our tiles, we headed home, to find my sister and bro-in-law at home. So I brought my bro-in-law to check out our empty house at spingside. The renovation works have begun, but I have yet to see any walls being knocked down..

After that, Dave and I headed for cine... Girls nowadays look very good and they dress up really nicely to go town.. Hang in cine.. Check out the girls.. They're really pretty..nice make up, nice hair, nice clothes.. But there seems to be gangs of teenagers hanging outside cine,smoking and hanging around... Dave and I caught Enchanted.. Si Han wathced that too.. We both loved it.. I think the princess looked a little too old though.. But the princess was really naive, sweet and innocent..Too bad she sin't pretty enough.. Thought hilary duff or lindsay lohan was more suitable for the role.. Or maybe even ashley tisdale.. but I kinda realise that the man which she bumped into is Hugh Grant style, so I guess they can't get someone too young.. By the time the movie ended,Dave and I took a walk in Orchard to view the christmas lights. It was really too bad that I didn't bring camera... There was so many things I wanted to take photos of... Boo hoo.. Oh well... So after that, we were supposed to go Oinky's place, but my car was set off on alarm cuz my remote spoiled and we had to use the car key.. So we landed up and my place.. I popped into bed at 2am, and slept like a sheep.. Oinky chatted with JW and some other people till like 3am?

Saturday 1st December 2007

YaY!!! Its into the Christmas month!!! But I was still sleeping,while Oinky woke up, went to sch, returned to my room to find me sleeping like a he got me up.... We brought poor mango to the vet... My Mum closed the door on her accidently the night before, and she got a bad abrasion... Mango is groomed now.. My mum brought her for grooming and bought her bells, so that we know where she is and wun step on her... Check out poor mango's nose...I was about to cry anytime when I was at the vet... aFter that, we dropped mango back at my place, headed to AMK central to eat pepper lunch.. den we bought Dave's contacts... $80 for 12 pairs of monthly contacts... So cheap!! I was so tempted to buy this pair of specs with flexi rims... But it was like $200 plus... What the... I was happy I spent the money elsewhere... But what did I spend on? Read on to find out... We went to Dave's place to collect his laptop so that we can find a suitable harddrive for his computer.. We went on an IT shopping spree at this shop which sold cheap quality stuff, but the staff attitude was crap... but I bought the following:

160 GB 2.5" Portable Hardrive.............................................................$136

2GB Toshiba thumbdrive.....................................................................$27.80

HP Deskjet F370 All-in-one printer (Print Scan Copy)...............................$95

The printer wasn't for myself though... Its for my mum's secretary... she requested my mum to help her buy... But well, it was more well spent money than the specs...

After that, Dave and I had dinner at Hougang.. Its a little after HEart Land mall.. Its called Hock Nam street Beef Noodles.. If you are like Jingwei, Eat beef=GPA chui, den better not try.. But if you can eat beef, u better try it.. The soup is heavenly nice!!!!! Yummy!!!! Definitely recommended.. Managed to find the picture for the Purvis Street branch:

Den we proceeded to Bedok.. Grabbed a Soya Bean Ice cream... and shopped at Sheng Shiong.. I'm such a mummy... lol.. But i bought oreos... to make oreo cheesecake for my brother in law and my sister... :) Yummi... Den we went Oinky's place to play with the hard drive, but somehow the com can detect the harddrive, but it just couldn't be shown under 'My Computer'.. SO i guess we need another trip to Sim Lim the next day... Oinky went for his run and I did Aerobics in his livingroom.. Wahaha... Den after that, I went for a shower.. When I'm done, Oinky said,"Ying you done? We going Nicole's place for MJ" Wahz... I was so offguard... Didn't really have mood for MJ that night... But went anywae... SO in the end, all three of us lost to Lin Sui... And we were so tired...Yawnz.... We slept at like 5am and i woke up at 2.30pm.. I hope Oinky's mum doesn't think I'm a pig... Lol...

Sunday 2nd December 2007

Well I woke up and went to Sim Lim with Oinky again.. We each got an ice cream at the junction of "si ma lu" I think it means 4 foot way.. But its simply bugis.. Den we went SIm lim.. The Indian guy formatted our harddrive which we din noe we had to.. And it was ready for use... Stupid man.. he should have told us.. Waste our time going down.. Roar!!! But after that, we went to SHine Korea, a Korean Supermarket at Burlington.. We each got another ice cream.. lol... ICE CREAM again!!! wahaha... But Janan should check out that supermarket.. Think he would love it!! :D Den wad arh? Oh... we walked to Suntec from Sim Lim, and we walked around.. Den.. we went Carrefour... I found something I have been wanting for like forever.. and... its an...


I'm so excited about this!!! But too badI had to wait for the freezer bowl to freeze before I churn my first ice cream.. Dvae requested for cookies and cream.. So tml, I will make cookies and cream cream.. Heheh.. more like tonight... Its like 5am, and I'm still waiting for my oreo cheesecupcakes to be ready for decoration... :D But I'm like damn tired... Oh and another thing!! I dyed my hair!!!! On my own!!! :D So proud of myself... Oh well, that's all for now.. wil show every one the pictures of my Oreo Cheese cupcakes later.. Bye!!

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