Friday, 22 May 2009

Aussie Day 1 Part 2: Shopping in Brisbane and Visit to XXXX Beer Brewery

Australian cafes seem to serve alot of rustic bakes.. The kind that Sihan likes. Pies, cheesecake, carrot cakes.. Haha.. I’m sure Evan doesn’t like this genre.. If both of us went Japan, it may be a patisserie tour.. We will probably go every patisseries and take pictures of their complex bakes..
Bread sold on shelves like that.. Can’t see can’t touch.. Will you buy them?P5220104
After the shopping, we visited the beer brewery, XXXX, the Australian Beer..
 P5220106  P5220108
Idiot Look!!
P5220109 P5220110 P5220111 P5220112
Haiya!! Aero X-Men! A-men? Or Aero 4? Probably Fantastic 4? I know! Aerodynamic 4!! P5220114 P5220115 P5220116
This is such a hilarious picture.. Lol.. I’m sure Yi Guang feels damn awkward.. P5220117 P5220118 P5220119
This thing looks more real when Tim removes his hands from the board.. And Tim has a really good fit in the board… :PP5220121 P5220122 P5220123
No pictures allowed in the tour, so I guess no pictures for viewing.. But After the tour, we were allowed to chill in the lounge with up to four mugs of beer per person.. P5220124
 P5220126 P5220127 P5220128 P5220129
Cheers to AERO!
P5220130 P5220131
Group shot of the day!!

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