Sunday, 31 May 2009

Aussie Day 10: Shopping in Tasmania!

I promised to buy Evangeline cake stand and I went about searching for it in TAsmania. I couldn’t really find the one that she wanted, but I did see a wide range of cake stands at the Spotlight in Tasmania..
100 101 103099102  104 105 098106 107 I kinda regret for not buying the white one as you see above..

Today was supposed to be for White Water rafting, but Tasmania is already as cold as it is, so I decided to skip white water rafting for a little walk around Tasmania.. I stopped in a little cafe called Banjos for some soup and look at all the glorious pastries and sandwiches in this quaint little cafe!!
P5310684 P5310685 P5310686P5310689
P5310687 P5310688
P5310690 P5310694 P5310695 P5310697
I walked my way to the outskirts of Tasmania for the Woolsworth there so that my dinner would be just another woolsworth chicken.. Seriously, its the most affordable and filling thing around. $6.99 for a whole chicken, why not?
P5310712 P5310714P5310713