Saturday, 30 May 2009

Aussie Day 9: In Tasmania, Hobart!

After the morning flight from Sydney to Tasmania, the entire gang was simply hungry for a good breakfast in Brrrr cold Tasmania…
P5300590 P5300591 P5300592 P5300593 P5300594 P5300595 P5300596 P5300597 P5300598 P5300599
Nothing says good morning with a cup of Chai Latte…
Simply heart warming.. :)
P5300601 P5300603 P5300604 P5300606
Scrambled eggs for breakfast.. Simply classic..
P5300607 P5300608   P5300619 Yi Guang looking really cool…
P5300624 P5300625 P5300633 P5300641 Three Amigos?
Speak no evil, Hear no evil and See no evil.. I love this photo..

In Hobart Tasmania, the must go would be the Salamanca MArket.. Imagine a day pasar malam, but selling different stuff.. Instead of taiwan sausage, they have corndogs,many home produce and exotic stuff..
 P5300646 P5300647 Shortbread..P5300648 P5300649
Afghans, apple pies, nougats..
P5300650 P5300651 P5300652 P5300653 P5300654 P5300655 P5300656 P5300657 P5300660
Imagine Sihan and me dressed like her selling our bakes.. Lol..P5300661
Dinner was at a great Italian Restaurant not too far from the pickled frog, our hostel in Hobart… The restaurant was really great, too bad I forgot its name.. They serve one of the freshest and best foccacia garlic bread. Its along liverpool street. First restaurant after the traffic light…
P5300662 P5300663 P5300664 P5300666 P5300668 P5300669 P5300670 P5300672 P5300673 P5300674

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SiHaN said...

wah.. u expect me to dress like that? *pengz*. haha. Great post anyway dear.. beginning to miss Tasmania already. If ever I had to choose a retirement place.. tasmania would be the destination. haha.