Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Aussie Day 5: Sky Diving at Byron Bay

P5260290 P5260291
We are holding on to our wills before we jump.. I wrote that I will give all my stuff to Mango.. HAha.. No really.. But its really cool… They have this Limo service that picks us to the landing point to the place where we really jump.. Really cool.. P5260292 P5260293 P5260294 P5260297 P5260298 P5260302 P5260303
Ever sat in a Limo? This Limo is a little on the low end.. But hey! Who cares? We never sat in one before!P5260304 P5260305 P5260306P5260307 P5260308 P5260309 P5260311
We have Samuel with his red Parachute.. I think the yellow parachute is Yanru…
P5260312 P5260313
I didn’t have photos of myself because Dave and the other height phobia people were lost.. So no one could take my photo… Oh Boo hoo… At least there is a video:
I was damn nervous.. So I was so hyper in the video.. Probably to cover up my nervousness… But It wasn’t as scary as I thought.. The first 10 seconds of the fall, the air pressure was great I couldn’t move…. It was a little tiring because the air we were falling through did exert a lot of pressure on us.. After that was just basically falling on a parachute.. Haha..
P5260314 P5260315 P5260316
We departed from Byron Bay after that on our drive towards Sydney!!! Woots!! Sydney here we come!!!P5260317 P5260318 P5260320 P5260321 P5260322 P5260323  P5260325
Erm, we kinda holland ourselves cuz the route we chose had a road block.. Oops!!
P5260326 P5260327
Mash potato anyone? Drive the cold away.. HAha..

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