Saturday, 23 May 2009

Aussie Day 2 Part 1: Drive to Surfer’s Paradise!

6 of us, Sam, Yi Guang, Tim, Jenny, Dave and I shared a room. And Check out how messy my room mates are!!! Haha… P5230135
The poor guys had to wake up real early to go grab the cars to begin our first drive! To Gold Coast’s Surfer’s Paradise!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The cars were far and after the guys arrived there, they had to wait for the person in charge to go there to give them their cars!! Why the wait? The person in charge were late.. And the guys bought some breakfast, milk and juice for the rest of us on their way back.. Awww..
So here are the three cars that will embark on the adventure to Surfer’s Paradise! P5230138 P5230139 P5230140
At this junction we were almost there.. And check out this cool car I saw! Its like some monster truck!P5230141 P5230142 P5230143 P5230144 P5230145 P5230148 P5230149  P5230151
Tada!!! Surfer’s PAradise!!

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