Thursday, 28 May 2009

Aussie Day 7 Part 1: Down the Blue Mountains to Sydney!

After a comfortable stay in a cottage that housed all of us, we were all really reluctant to leave. But 21 days in Australia was probably insufficient to complete our Aussie journey. So we reluctant pack up in the morning like the nomads.. P5280351   
The morning in Blue mountains wasn’t very kind on us though.. We didn’t have a chance to see blue mountains because the fog was pretty bad up there.. But at least we felt like we were in fairy tale land with the fog all around us..
P5280355   P5280358
Well at least we got to see Devil’s Creek, and water falls.. As you can see, some of the guys removed their shoes to enjoy clear mountain water touch their feet..
P5280359 P5280360  P5280362  
My attempt wasn’t good cuz I accidently stepped into the water and got my poor shoes wet… And it was brrrrrr…. Cold…P5280365 P5280366 P5280367
Look at my sad face from my tragic fate…
P5280368 P5280369 P5280370  P5280372 P5280373 P5280374 P5280375      P5280381 P5280382 P5280383
Group photo with my little tripod!
You’ve gotta check out the next few photos… Everyone was tring jump shots.. But we look like we were doing mornign exercise.. Lol.. Its damn funny!!!
P5280384 P5280385 P5280386 P5280387 P5280388 P5280389 P5280390 P5280391
Finally! One good shot!

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