Thursday, 28 May 2009

Aussie Day 7 Part 4: Night in Sydney

Our initial plans of eating at a seafood restaurant changed when it was 1. Too expensive and 2. Not opened till 6.30pm.
So we walked a few streets till we saw the following offer:      P5280524
How lucky can we be? To arrive at Lucetta on a Thursday at 5.30pm. If you calculate the probability, the chances are 1 in a 100. But we are so hungry we just went in anyway.
P5280523   P5280526 P5280527 P5280528 P5280529 
Everyone was so hungry when the pizzas arrived that they simply digged in without any time for me to catch any photos.. But interestingly, they serve a platter with salt, pepper and chilli oil. The interesting part would be the pink salt as you can see here…
P5280532  P5280534 
After our dinner, we simply walk the main streets of Sydney, checked out the Chinatown.. Pretty much that’s all..P5280536 P5280537 P5280538   P5280543 P5280545 P5280547 P5280549

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