Friday, 29 May 2009

Aussie Day 8: Shopping in Sydney!!

The hostel which we were staying in has a nice comfy lounge where many people laze in the couches and enjoy the TV programs. I pasted the room rates for people who are interested to stay here. The location is pretty good, within walking distance to the city centre, rates are pretty fine and for some of the suites, they even have TV and DVD players. And DVD rental is available from the lounge. :)image There was breakfast served too, help yourself to all the toast and cereal you like..
 P5290558 P5290559 P5290560
The day was pretty much shopping and I tried some clothes I totally love from FCUK, but the price tags were like $49 and $59 for the dresses.. Way over my budget.. :(
The sucky part was the rain, and spoilt the day with the dampness.. On the bright side, Dinner was Japanese food.. Who doesn’t like Japanese food?P5290566 P5290567 P5290568  P5290570
Food was nice and pretty authentic as you can see the sukiyaki here.. Again, Konnyaku wasn’t used in Sukiyaki, but Udon noodles were used.. Waitresses and Waiters are korean though, making it less authentic.. P5290572 P5290573 P5290574 P5290578 P5290579 P5290580 P5290586 P5290588 P5290589

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心魔 said...

Nice 3-way pose! Or were you actually catwalking? ;)