Monday, 25 May 2009

Aussie Day 4: White Water World Theme Park

I realised I forgot to include a link to Dream World in the last entry.. So here’s the link to Dream World Gold Coast:
You will also find White water theme park’s link there.
The two day pass allows you to spend two days at any one of these parks.. Its 102AUD.
I find Dream World a little old. I would recommend the 2 parks over 3 days pass at Movie World and Wet n Wild instead. ITs 119.95 AUD, but there are more photos to take at Movie World.. Who doesn’t a photo with Bugs Bunny? Haha.. Ok many people wouldn’t want.. But 10 years down the road, you will look at a photo of you and Bugs Bunny or maybe Batman.. HAha..
P5250280    P5250284 P5250285
Because its a Wet Theme PArk, our photos are quite limited.. I should have taken photo of the super mart we visited.. They closed really though.. I bought some organic Chocolate from the mart.. They’re really good! Especially the butter scotch want.. Ultimate Sweet Pleasure..
P5250286 P5250289

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心魔 said...

Organic or not, chocolate is still bad for your teeth. :)