Thursday, 28 May 2009

Aussie Day 7 Part 3: Jumpshots with the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House.. The symbol of Australia..
There is no better place for our crappy jump shots than the Opera House.. Woo hoo.. Check out the series of photos.. It looks like some comic strip.. REally funny!!!
P5280428 P5280429 P5280430 P5280431 P5280432
Sam Lost his head!!! Now my turn!
Damn it! Bad time!

P5280436 P5280437
Its a bird.. No its a plane.. No!! Its Tim and Jenny doing a couple jumpshot together!
 P5280438 P5280439  P5280441 P5280442 P5280443 P5280444 P5280445
Jenny Looks really graceful in all the jumpshots.. Look at mine!!
I looked Like I just kneeled my opponent’s balls.. HAHAHAHA…
P5280447 P5280448 NAh! Take this!
Do the Hockey POckey!!!P5280450
Saturday Night Fever!!P5280451 P5280452 P5280453
Too hot for all the action!!!
P5280454 P5280455
Ribbon falling off….
And out!
A little close up on the Opera House.. Can you believe how ugly the files used here is? My gosh! I think its unbelievable how good it looks from far when up close it looks like that..
P5280476 P5280477 P5280478 P5280479 P5280480 P5280485
 P5280489 P5280490 P5280495 P5280496 P5280497 P5280498 P5280499 P5280500 P5280501 P5280502 P5280503 P5280504 P5280505 P5280506 P5280507 P5280508 P5280510  P5280512 P5280513 P5280514 P5280515 P5280516
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