Friday, 22 May 2009

Australia Day 1 Part 1-Darwin Airport

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My long waited Australia entry is finally here!! My friends all concluded they could only see the pictures next year.. HAha! Its not May 2010 yet.. So Yeah!! Mainly cuz the first half of my year was mainly FYP and exams.. The only pictures I had were Sch sch sch… :S

Off the plane and check out Phantom Tim in the background..

Australia Darwins airport: Our first stop!P5220004  P5220006   
Seriously a dead airport. You should even be surprise there is a runway for the airport.. Lol..

Well time for the domestic transfer to Brisbane! In we go into the departure!
Mocha from some cafe.. Cafes are everywhere in Australia!!!!!P5220014 P5220015
Tim buys the tickets for all of us to Brisbane’s hostel..

Damn chui.. Haven’t had the chance to wash up since I boarded the plane..
P5220029 P5220030
Brisbane airport
P5220034 P5220037 P5220038
Aussie homes at HDB prices.. Anyone wanna buy?    P5220046 P5220047
Optimus Prime in action!

Finally!! The hostel!!!P5220051  P5220055 P5220056 P5220057
Time for lunch!!! A long walk to the centre of Brisbane!!
P5220058    P5220062 P5220063

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