Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Dinner at Dave's and the Singapore Garden Festival

Dave's mum invited me over for dinner the night before. She prepared the Chinese restaurant dish she learnt at the cooking class for me.. And it was really good!! Scallop wrapped with bacon !!
And today, I went flower festival with dearest Mummy!!! and of course daddy.. and our home designer who's probably one of mum's best friends now.. My mum is so nice to her... Jess had a contract with this reach family and they paid her $6000 less on purpose!!!!! So mean!!!!!!!! Plus one of her instalments of $750, she lost it by accident when she misplaced it in her tote bag... Apparently she did not put it into the bad, but out of the bag without realizing me... Claire moment for poor Jess... My mum went to the temple and prayed for Jess and got her an amulet... So kind.. I must learn from my mum's kindness...
So subsequent pictures are some of my favourite displays at the flower festival... so, enjoy!

I vote this number one.. It feels like a secret garden... HAha..
Can you tell who this lady is?
This is my second favourite... It feels like Atlantis to me...

Mummy and Jess... But apparently the lighting wasn't that good.... :S

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