Friday, 4 July 2008

Steamboat at Sam's place and Prof dan's party..

I know my entries are so messy... but i will rearrange the date when I catch up with my entries.. Think that may take forever...

But I returned on the 3rd of July and I wanna include some entries on Singapore..

Sam, Paul, Serene and Calvin was nice enough to throw a steamboat in Sam's place for me, Dave, Jingwei and Chuiyi.. The other option would be Paul's place, but only problem would be the inaccessibility... Sam say its a tradeoff for shi wai tao yuan, but dave said its more like a shi wai niao yuan.. Cuz Paul has alot of birds at his place...

To my surprise, they even bought a cake!

5th July, the next day was Prof Dan's meet up.. But becasue we can't make up our mind on where to meet, i just anyhow fixed the location at city hall 7.30pm,only to realize that Forbidden City is far from that place.. Lost with my directions... Clake Quay would have been a better choice..

Indecisive on dinner, we settled for dinner at Gelare cuz again, I anyhow made the decision to be there.. But to be honest, not worth the money.. Cuz no service charge, really no service.. you want water? Buy Evian from them.. -_-'''
Sam and I were dieting, so we shared a sandwich.. :P

Well I was trying to catch Jingwei being jealous of Sam feeding his gal... But jingwei damn fake lar.. haha... But I think Chui Yi is looking prettier!!! She looked even more pretty after the hong kong trip.. lucky for jingwei...

And Sam treated us to a sundae!!! Cuz.. Haha.. i was supposed to keep this a secret... hope he wun slaughter me.. :P

Candid shot of the aero gang..can you spot someone special in this picture? Haha... We were heading towards forbidden city...

Another reason for not liking flash photography... Makes me look reallly pale, and i finally understand why girls need the eyebrow pencil.. But i noe I look ugly here.. Hahaha... Must be the crying from the night before..After a nua-ing on the couches at Indochine, we went for supper!!!!
Thank you prof Dan!!! Take care!!! All the best!

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