Friday, 18 July 2008

St James Power Station and Jalan Kayu Prata SUCKS!

Invited Phyo (Steph's bf) over for dinner tonight.. Dave came over too.. He drove Steph and Phyo over too and I'm thankful for that sinceI need not drive.. we had alot of dishes.. And all i made was this small pathetic bowl of Tom Yam soup.. It was really good though.. except there were too many mushroms inside.. Haha.. But i dun like it.. cuz i dun like tamarinds...
After Phyo checked out my place, they proceeded home.. So I quickly dressed up and headed for Vivocity to meet Elvin and Damien... And as usual, Damien is late....poor Elvin waited 30 mins forme and an hour for Mr Chua (Damien).. So we went to St James and there were alot of pretty girls there!!! One pity thing was there was no shuai ge... :S
After this night of clubbing, I furthur conclude that clubbing is not for me cuz I dun really dance, or drink and its hard to chat...
But the company was pretty great.. Damien brought along a friend and she was really nice!

And after our short clubbing night, we headed for Jalan Kayu prata... Advice: DUN TRY ANYTHING FROM JALAN KAYU PRATA!!! IT SUCKS!!

Prata, not so crispy, ice cream too artificial and cheap, teh tarik nothing special..

After that, I made my way for Sihan's 3am arrival at the airport... Dearie Sihan returned for almost one month! Talk about time flies!

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