Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Home.. on July 3rd..

ITs so nice to have people asking me when will I return. I know my sister nor parents really care if I return.. But having friends asking me via MSN and tags on my blog means alot to me.. At lease I know people do care and think about me.. Before this, I kinda dread returning home because I thought I would be returning to an empty country since no one really cared I was away.. Its not surprising that my parents never really bothered I was away, nor how I was, nor if I had enough to spend here..

Daddy gave me SGD$1500 and expected it to survive me for 6 months.. Well, It did actually.. During my internship in Ford, I spent 1500 sing, inclusive ofmy travel during Golden week.. If I excluded travelling, I spent about $1100 sing.. I'm quite proud of my stingy/thrifty skills.. But I only managed to do so because people in Japan were more family to me than my own family back at home.. The travelling for the past week was scary though, lodging and transportation took most of me expenses.. My 17 days vacation costed me more than $2000, but how could anyone travel so much around Japan without spending this amount?

But again, I'm happy about people asking my return.. Cuz I noe I'm not alone in Singapore..

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