Friday, 26 October 2007

I LOVE JAPAN!!!! やった!!

Dear Lee Han Ying,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by Ford Japan Limited after the interview.
Programme Allocated: Asia Pacific & Africa/FHO Program [Programme Code : 1693]Programme Scope:

1) Ford/Mazda Ongoing Program Management
- Gateway review paper preparation- Arrange/Coordinate meetings
- Correspond issues with markets- Support manager and others

2) Mazda Engineering Package Control & Mazda Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Control
- Lead and coordinate engineering package flow from Mazda to KD markets
- Lead and coordinate ECNs- Coordinate MIDAS and OPED Extranet requests from FHO and KD markets
- Monitor and support Mazda product information release and assembly materials for new models on time

3) Engineering and Launch Support
- Lead and coordinate engineering materials and requirements to support markets` launch preparation and model implementation activities
- Assist KD markets with engineering information and data and build a strong relationship with them
- Coordinate Form D submission on time
- Coordinate part sort-out for unique program
- Serve as a daily communication liaison between KD markets and Mazda
- Assist ESO activities with markets- Lead and coordinate quality resolution raised at PP phase- Assist local content development with markets
- Lead and coordinate vehicle data and information for Ford unique portion done in addition to Mazda certification documents

4) Vehicle Line SAQ preparation
- Assist engineers to prepare Vehicle Line SAQ(Please refer to IA Notices in the StudentLink for information on offer package).

- Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
- Analytical ability
- PC skills (Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Access & Power Point)
- Language : English, Japanese

Attachment Location: Nissei Midori Bldg, 3rd Flr, 8-18 Teppo-Cho Naka-Ku, Hiroshi

Please be advised that if you are successful in both your applications to the overseas IA and local interviewing organisation, you must take up the overseas IA.


Oh my god!!! When Miss Chia from the attachment office called, I swear I could feel the good new coming... Didn't expect results to come so fast, but nonetheless, I'm still very very happy about it... Keiichi aka Elvin told me his results came 2-3 weeks after his interview, mine actually came right the day after. The program only has two people selected. So it will be me and another guy. I hope he's nice... SKalli he's some quiet dao kia... Den I'll be this poor little girl in Japan... Lol... but dun think so bad lar... Maybe the people there will be nice to me.. So excited... I can't study... I swear if I could drop the exams and fly there now, I will be on the plane now... Wahha... But check out the little highlights... I wonder If that's why they chose me....HEhe.. Well, if it really was, that would make me happy. The job scope does make me feel as though there's alot of things coming my way for me to learn and pick up. So I will go with this great learning attitude!! But I feel kind of bad to reject the following offer:

Dear Lee Han Ying,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by GE Aviation Service OperationLLP without interview.
Programme Allocated: Engine component repair [Programme Code : 1813]

Programme Scope: To study the repair process flow, implement and improve TAT, productivity and cost per part. Students will work on project(s) with the above goal in mind.

Pre-requisites: Student needs to be independent, self motivated learner with creative ideas for improvement. Students with strong curriculum background, excellent leadership and communication skills are required.

Attachment Location: 23 Loyang Way S(508726)


I was surprised they selected me without interviewing. If I'm not wrong this was my second choice, the one for the interviewing organisation. Hmmm... Oh well... I guess what matters most now is Japan here I come!!!!!

Oink Oink!!! ur turn ler wor!!! Must go Hi-P hor!!!!

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