Friday, 12 October 2007

Pepper Lunch is nice!!!!!!!!

Today I had my first time meal at Pepper Lunch for Dinner... Den Jiemei was like why use pepper for dinner? We're supposed to be eating lunch... DIaoz.. But I think its a good thing that AMK hub has a wide range of food.. Suat, JM and I can eat at one restaurant or fast food or food court there every wednesday.. I wonder what will we eat next wednesday.. Hahaha..
What's wrong with my food? There is missing piece of beef and a broken egg yolk... and its flooded with the stupid sauces I found there... Lol... Stupid Chef... Wonder who is she...Erm... I mean him... Hahaha..
After much pursuasion, Jiemei finally agreed to take this nice photo with me. She was like complaining about fat and bla bla bla... Dun be silly lar... You look nice!!! Look at my mouth!!! So big no teeth.. Like Ah-ma!
Suat seriously needs to at more... She doesn't have any meat or fats!! Just skin and bones!!!
I love this shot.. Its so soft and natural.. I hate eyebags.. Its so soft and unnatural..
A cute chi hua hua I saw an old lady leash at AMK hub entrance... TOo bad no pets allowed in the hub... I would love to bring all my dogs in... As though I'm legally blond.. Wahhaa... walk in with three leashed dogs.. Wahaha...

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