Monday, 15 October 2007

Sannin dinner at Crab Shack

Its been some time since the sannin met up.. So we decided to meet up for a dinner at Crab Shack at upper thomson.. My students (Raushan, Aidil and Melati!!! If you guys read this... You better make it up to me!!!! I went all the way to tampines for u all!!!!!) forgot the tuition timing, so I had to reschedule tuition cuz i had to meet sannin for dinner... I went all the way to tampines to sleep inthe tuition centre classroom... How corny?!? But I picked Keiichi aka Elvin san from Tampines MRT... It took us some time, but i think we reached upper thomson like 8 plus?!?!? Diaoz... So we dined at the Crab Shack since Miss Clarity Cafe was close... Hope the three of us can go there someday... The bake rice there is cheaper and better than Swensen's!!! But the crab shack isn't so bad... Initially, we thought its some run down shophouse kopitiam.. But it turned out to be a classier Kopitiam... So each of us took a photo with the crab shack table number sign.. lol... Presenting the SANIN!! Tsunade Takoyaki aka Claire
Koijiro Okonomiyaki aka Damien
Keiichi Kaninabe aka Elvin
(He insisted on having more items to show than us)

After which, our dinner was served shortly.. We ordered three dishes.. The first was the crab baked rice... Its damn crabbilicious!!! There is real crab meat in every bite you take... Damn nice... Its only $6.50.. and the next dish was the Japanese chicken pizza.. It was really good too!!! The crust was thin and crispy, and the mayo over the pizza was sinfully good!!! The pizza costed $9.50, but it was pizza hut regular size?!?! The next dish was 3 piece flower crabs combo.. not that it wasn't good, but Being a flower crab, it was too much effort to eat for that little amount of meat. The three piece flower crab came along with a basket of fries for $8.

If you ever wanna try, you can find the crab shack at

12, Prince Edward Road, Bestway Building


227, Upper Thomson Road (After longhouse)

Our last shot before we set off for deserts!!!Where did we have desert? We ate ice cream at Eskimo, a home-made ice cream shop.. they had wireless there, but the connection is always a bad request.. Oh well... Just have to wait for the the next Sannin journey!!!

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