Saturday, 22 December 2007

3 days before Christmas

Well, since Elvin ordered his 10 boxes of chocolates, I started working on the presents Elvin wanted for his friends.. I spent the whole afternoon shopping in AMK, Phoon Huat Sembawang and Sheng Shiong at Ten Mile Junction.. By midnight, I finally whipped up these ten boxes of gifts Elvin ordered.. I also started baking for the Christmas party for Sunday.. (TOMORROW!!) See.. I wrapped Elvin's order nicely.. Hehe.. The top left is Cointreau Orance Cheese cups.. (Cups made of chocolate) The one below is a bailey brownie and on the right, we have White chocolate Vodka mandarin christmas bells with Bailey Dark chocolate on the bottom.. The snoopy chocolates were either vodka peach or vodka mandarin white chocolates..
It was kinda hard to mix alcohol with chocolate cuz the chocolates would kind of turn lumpy... But I totally loved the bailey brownie..
On top of that, I tried to make Janan's Triple chocolate Bailey Cheesecake.. (haha.. Janan said it tastes like ice cream when frozen!!) As you can see, the cheese mixture was mixed with melted chocolate.... I took this cuz I loved the marble effect..
After chilling it in the fridge for a few hours, I decorated it with cocoa powder and gummy letters.. Hehe.. I also cut some star malibu rum cake and topped the cake.. :D

I delivered the cakes at about 10am to Janan, followed by Elvin, and I came home to....


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