Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Remember my previous entry on the Tiramisu? Well, here, we have the Tiramisu cheesecake.. Insteap of having the sponge fingers inside the Mascapone Cointreau Misture, it forms a beautiful ring aroung the Mascapone Cointreau Mixture.. The sponge fingers are soaked in Kahlua coffee syrup and the base is coffee kahlua biscuit.. Isn't it a beauty? Its totally love at first sight.. The taste is really powerful... In fact, the taste from the alcohol brings out the flavout of MAscapone cheesereally well... The top Marble is the coffee Kahlua syrup, marbled on the Cheese mixture... Yummilicious!!!
If you notice,the cup wasn't well place, so it looks abit sang-ngat... :P

After getting this done (I kinda got this done yesterday before going Yanru's party, but no time since Paul came to pick me and I was still baking.. Haha.. But I finished making it when I got home...) The Tiramisu was just like ice cream when you freeze it... Except that the base was kinda hard.. Haha... After I got it done, I quickly packed up and took a bus to Far East plaza to meet the Pig on the picture.. Haha... We walked in Isetan's Japan supermarket.. It was kind of a preview of my life in Japan.. :P Oh well.. :P We bought Kettle;'s new flavour of chips: Krinkle Cut Salt and Black Pepper... Its really good!!!

After that, mum and dad were kinda in town liaoz, so we went to meet them.. Poor Dave had a leg injury... So we took our ba-long-long time to walk to meet mum and dad...
Mum and dad booked the Shashilk restaurant to celebrate the birthday of the beauty on the left...
My favourite dish at the restaurant? The Baked Alaska (Daddy calls it Bomb Alaska!! And I keep remembering it as bomb ALaska!!) But its really good... Ice cream with a layer of cake sponge covering it, covered with egg whites meringue and fruits... baked till there's a few burnts as you can see..
They den light up the liqour with fire, pour over the Alaska and.... Voila! A burning ice cream cake!
HEre's me at T3.. Dave's dad treated us at Swensen's at T2..T3 isn't operational yet, but I found out my flight on the 9th Jan night would be at T3!! So i'll be at the airport at 9pm to explore!! Hehe!!


evan 이벤젤린 said...

hey u know, its bombe alaska! so your daddy is half right hehe. but its bombe not bomb la haha.

Lee Han Ying aka Claire said...

lol.. my dad was damn kuku lor.. bomb alaska.. sounds like a terrorist cake!!

Anonymous said...

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