Sunday, 16 December 2007

Mango Strawberry Tart

Introducing... Mango Strawberry Tart...I must say I'm really proud of myself for making the tart base myself cuz it was reslly nice... Its tasty!!! The wavy edge needed improvement though.. But the taste was great despite being slightly hard...
After spending the entire afternoon cooking for Dave's dinner, I must say I was disappointed I did not charge up my camera in time to take photos of Dave's dinner but here is my Menu:

Chicken Herbal Soup

Main Course:
Pandan Rice
Milk sand fried fish
Chinese pork ribs

Mango Strawberry Tart

Too bad my camera had no battery for the dinner, but I managed to take photos of this beautiful tart..So I guess its enough? Haha...

This is for me!!!
Save me a slice!!!

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