Friday, 21 December 2007

Meeting Sannin... and one of the most tasty cheesecakes in the world!!!!!!!!!

I would be meeting Sannin today in town... But before that, there some things I had to do... Thanks to my late blogging, I kinda foget what happened.. But Dave and I delivered the cupcakes to the Andrew and Grace home.. So before I made a move to pick Dave, I packed a slice of this for Dave and Two slices for sannina nd Choon FEi to try..This is Hazelnut cheesecake!!! I added abit of Baileys just for the extra flavour.. and the Cheesecake had loads of toasted hazelnuts and grated chocolate in it... ITs really very very very very good.. I'm uber serious about this... Despite the high cost of the ingredients for this cheesecake, I'm really glad that its tasty... Yummy!!!So after Dave and I distributed cupcakes and the Andrew and Grace home, I dropped Dave back home and made my way to centrepoint... Roar!!! The traffic plus the ERP plus the parking... This has forced me to give up driving.. SO I guess its public transpot for me now... Haha... Apologies to Sannin and Choon Fei for being so late... :Pwe had ramen for dinner at some restaurant in centrepoint.. the ramen was one for one.. So an $8 bowl of remen make it $4 instead..Its edible..but not fantastic.. The noodles felt like maggi mee.. haha... Den we did some Christmas shopping.. Poor elvin couldn't find the chocolates he wanted so he ordered 10 boxes of chocolate gift boxes from me!!! Yeah!!! Sho happy!!!!
Here's a photo Choon Fei took for us... Lucky my make up not so thick.. Or else the flash would have made me look like crap... :P
We decided to meet again tml at holland to chill since we enjoyed ourselves so much today.. :P
Here's a very nice pic of Elvin and Damien!! Haha... I like eLvin's shirt!!
Here's another shot we took... Guess who's the photographer?

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