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Back from Guangzhou!!!!-Part 2

Guangzhou Day 4

We woke up pretty early to catch the train to ShenZhen.. So we took a cab to the Guangzhou East Railway station. Each of us had to pay RMB75 to get to Shen Zhen. Here's mum and Dad on the train. We were supposed to meet my Bro-in-Law at ShenZhen. Guess wad? On the way there, we met someone at the Dong Duan station.. And its my Bro-in-law!! Louis!! wahaha... So we dropped off at Shen Zhen at the Luo Hu station. The same place where people from Hong Kong alight to reach Shen Zhen. We were pretty tempted to make the trip to Hong Kong though.. haha.. We took the Ba Da Tong (Octopus Line) to Lao Jie.. The population in Shen Zhen is really scary.. So much more than Guangzhou!! Kind of had problems deciding where to eat.. So we settled for Ichiban Ramen... It was kind of s copycat version of Ajisen since the logo is a little boy holding a bowl of noodles instead of a girl..

Here's Louis and Papa sitting together. Any idea what am I taking? Take a guess.. Here's my cute mommy!! :D Oinky, Me and mum were squashed together... But nothing says memories better than a "Cheez!" You know those e-mails you receive about the funny Chinese translations? I managed to catch two of these.. Quite Funny... Papa:Funny meh?

Louis: Just smile and entertain la.. After we fuelled our stomachs, its shopping time!!! Woohoo... So Oinky and I separated from Louis, Papa and Mama.. And we shopped and shopped.. I will upload the collection of accesories i got.. Its so scary I can open a shop!!

We rendevous at the 2 yuan shop outside the Lao Jie Metro(Octopus) line station. Mummy was trying to get a nice Gucci bag that she can use.. Mummy wanted the grade A fake, but she could not bear to spend the money cuz it wad like 280 yuan which is about $56 . So we left after mummy got herself two non grade A fake Gucci Handbags and we headed for Dong Guan.

Dong Guan is a pretty sad place in China. Its one of the underdeveloped region. If I'm not wrong, the railway station is probably the most developed thing there. The roads there were badly tarred, with no markings to separate the oncoming and forward moving traffic. The street lamps were only present in the more bustling areas. Louis said we should bever walk in the areas without streetlamps cuz robbery is the most common thing EVERY night there. Once we stepped out of the station, there were about more than 10 chinese man standing outside.. They asked Louis where we were heading and the chinese were quarrelling among themselves what kind of price they are chargin. It was scary how some of them surrounded us and Louis cuz they seriously looked as though they were gonna eat us.

This moment made me realise how brave my sister was to live in this area alone for 2 years. The trip to Dong Guan made me increase my respect for my sister by hundred times. Guess she suffered alot in this place during her two year stay there. Its no wonder why she quit her job at Fuyu to return here. The life there is worrying. If I knew how this was like earlier, I would have sleepless nights about my sister in Dong Guan. But I'm proud of her. She is really brave and independent.

After which, we made a trip to my sister and bro-in-law's place in Dong Guan. It is a nice place despite being located in a secluded province. There were nice gardens, clubhouse which u need to pay to use, and most importantly, security guards... Couldn't take the night scene though cuz its too quiet. But I had a few snaps of her house..

This is my sister's living room. They have a big and super flat LCD TV. This is kinda like the storage room where my sister stores her stuff.. I was really touched to see pictures of me, mum and dad in the room. Check out the frame on the table. That's my sister and bro-in-law together. Here's the kitchen!YAN wei: I'm not YAN can cook

YAN wei: I'm YAN can eat Here's the Balcony. The balcony is so big that I think the total area of the house excluding the balcony is the size of the balcony. Here's my sister's bedroom. It basically for sleeping and nothing else. So we made the trip back to the Dong Guan station to catch the train back to Guangzhou East. I felt so sad for my bro-in-law. Having to live in Dong Guan alone. The place is so dangerous. I'm surprise he's still alive in one piece.. Poor Louis.. But he said he is like a Warlord there. So no worries. Haha..

We entered a fakes shop and I saw the Gucci bag I liked.. After some bargaining,I manage to buy it for 60 yuan. Its silver and it had a scarf tied to it. :D Dave and I took another snap on the train back. Back to Guangzhou. Have to wake up early for our return the next day.
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Guangzhou Day 5
Day 5 of Guangzhou was nothing much actually.. Except that we had to wake up at 6.30 am to get to the airport. The journey there from Tian Long hotel took 40 mins. So we had a good view of Guangzhou before we left.

Mum, Dad, Oinky and I were simply worried that the baggage would exceed te weight limit.. Especially mine.. Lucky Oinky's bagggage is only 10kg, So my 20 kg did not exceed along with his.. Mum and Dad's luggage was like 33kg.. So I guess they neglected the small excess.

After that we had breakfast at Mac Donald's. Their sausage Mcmuffin with egg was actually pork meat instead of the chicken meat we usually eat.. Other than that, the only problem would be the sevice is really bad..

Think Oinky din suit the McMuffin cuz he had indigestion problems after eating it. Once he landed in Singapore he vommitted. He kinda had problems during the plane trip.. Think he had periods of aches in the stomach on the torturous train trip..

So we landed in Singapore and I finally got my Malibu Rum!!!! Woo hoo!!! So happy.. And my mum bought a bottle of perfume while I got new mascaras!!

The Mercedes Van cab man came to pick us up and the first stop was at Oinky's place.. Next stop, my home.. Ah Xiong and Jiu ma came over with my two cousins. Here's a pic of my cousin.. So cute right? And there's my mum being so happy to see our chi hua hua, Mocha...Think the rain gave me a cold cuz i had fever yesterday and my flu is still on today.. Poor me.. But nonetheless, I enjoyed my trip!! Especially shopping!!!!

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