Thursday, 13 December 2007

Interschool Games and Batch 7 outing

After I made the cupcakes for breakfast, I made crepes with ham and cheese drizzled with a little mayo and worchester sauce. It was simply divine.. One of the stuff that Oinky loved!! I liked it too... Savoury crepes are simply delicious... After eating crepes, Oinky and I made our way to school to do a list of endless stuff. I finally got my X-ray done...

I played Futsal for MAE. It was my first soccer math and it was fun!!! Although we lost, I felt we were better players.. Plus, I made alot of new friends.. But the problem with ISG is that there aren't enough players.. Boo hoo... I made a new friend anyway, and she was the MAE Futsal match goalie.. SHe's year 4 and she's Prof Butler's and Prof Kuan's FYP student.. She's Yuan man!!! I gave her one of my M&M cupcakes and Dave gave one to Prof Kuan too... The response seems to be good... Think I'll make it again.. I love it too!!!!

Met up with Si Han and Desmond in Raffles City. I just found out that there's two starbucks there... Si Han introduced me to the soup spoon.. I had a try at the Beef Straganoff... It was honestly good, but seriously overpriced... Oh well...

I went off for my batch 7 outing after that... I could have sworn those waiting for me were waiting to strangle me.. The huge crowd became this few of us:

OOps... The flash is too bright!!!

NOw this is so much better... It was a really cool time hanging at the Irish pub, catching up with the batch 7 people.. Hope the sentosa outing would really be organised... Miss hanging out with u guys and gals!!!

P.S. SOrry for the late entry.. Haha...

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