Saturday, 10 May 2008

~IA in Japan~Meeting more Kind People!

Elvin told me that there are two people I had to meet before I came. One of them was Sakata-san.. The other nice man is Kishimoto-san. But I haven't had the chance to meet him due to his health problems in the early half of the year... These two men are well known for their extensive kindness to interns.. So I'm really glad that I had the chance to meet Kishimoto-san on this day because Wilson, the previous intern from Elvin's batch was dropping by Hiroshima for the weekend visit.. He's working in Tokyo!
And we went for a delicacy which I have never tried before.. this is called Kama-meshi 釜飯(かまめし). Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot with various kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Chinese cuisine also prepare rice in a similar way using a clay pot.. Only difference would probably be the lightness of the delicacy... As healthy Japanese food are, the rice does not have extra oil or dark soy sauce like the po zai fun we eat the canto way..
And here's a big hello to my first meeting with Kishimoto-san and his wife, macchan.. :) Another one of my bestest guardians in Japan.. (My English is wrong.. No such word as bestest, but just to be a little exaggerating..)
And here's Wilson, who came to visit for the weekend, and here's a group photo of us and out parents!! The meal they treated was an eye opener and my regret for not eating it another time before returning to Singapore.. Where is kama meshi in Singapore?
The very Japanese style restaurant we visited!!

After abit of shopping in Hondori, we went to Tokyu Hands, a cheap and interesting department store available throughout Japan.. I cycle pass this place everyday, but I never ever visited it.. Hahaha.. I absolutely love this uniform.. Was really tempted to buy it.. Only problem is when or where can I wear it in Singapore?

Look at the range of costumes they have!! Question to guys: So which one is your Fantasy?

After that we proceeded to meet Kishimoto-san and Sakata-san for a dinner cum karaoke session where our 'parents' brought loads of food!! From fruits to sushi to deserts.. There was just simply so much food!! And Macchan, Kishimoto-san's wife bought gifts for everyone!!! Ain't that sweet? A gift for Wilson and a set of Unagi rice set for me and Ookubo-san!! Touched**

Talk about an eventful day.. But the day ain't over.. WE went to Sakata-san's house after that.. Initially with intentions to send him home, but we landed up being a bunch of kids playing around his office.. He actually holds table tennis clinics and computer clinics for the elderly in his office! So cool right??
I found a super big doggy in his office (think it belonged to his grandchild) which I could not resist hugging and taking a picture of! Haha!!

Tomorrow will be a Sunday.. Another fun filled day with Wilson and Ookubo.. The thing is that the two of us ton-ed at Tat-chan's place till pretty late, watching Heroes season 2, making Cinnamon rolls for our dear parents and falling asleep in the aroma of cinnamon rolls.. Haha..

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