Saturday, 3 May 2008

Last Day in Tokyo and Way back to Hiroshima

This was the day I had my last meal at Ookubo's place.. We were deciding between eating at restaurant and cooking at home.. And we settled for eating at home so that we could have slow chats and Obaa-chan could join us.. So by night time, there was a feast prepared.. It was Chirashi Don!
Otousan cut beautiful sashimi for us to eat with rice and there were egg and cucumber.. There was also this piece of meat from clams which I can't remember what its called.. But its the piece of meat stuck to the shell when you eat clams which you wun bother eating since its really stuck on the shell.. So light, so fresh.. Eating food for its natural flavour.. That's authentic Japanese food..
And Okaasan bought me a farewell gift.. :') I was so touched... I will let you know what the gift is later..
After the wonderful dinner, we had to make our back to Hiroshima.. Tat-chan had to make a 12 hour drive.. So we were geared up for the long journey.. Its really tiring... We left the ookubo's at about 10 plus.. and made our way back to Hiroshima..
So after a 14 hour drive inclusive of rest stop breaks, we finally reached Hiroshima! My home in Hiroshima!! Before I left Ookubo's place, I was presented with all these gifts from Ookubo's family.. They wanted to let me bake in Hiroshima and also have good food... Nozomi-chan gave me vanilla sugar (which smells so good!!), wedgewood's blueberry jam (I used to think Jams are all the same. But this one wasn't too sweet with all the blueberry pulp inside!), white chocolate for baking, danish bread(Damn good!!! I can't find it in Singapore.. I declare it the best bread in the world!!), Mango slices, milk, etc... So touched...
On top of that, Okaasan observed i love apples and she bought me so many to bring back to Hiroshima.. I'm so touched!!! : ' ) And the well known expensive melon!!!!!As for the farewellgift I mentioned.. Guess what it is... Can you read this? Its a COACH key chain!!!!

And apparently Spring is coming to an end soon.. Sakura trees are now green with Sakura leaves and the weather is getting less cold, my coat was getting out of use...Summer is coming soon... And so is my report due date!

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