Friday, 30 May 2008

The Ford Flower Bed

Welcome to Ford's flower bed.. Its a community involvement project taken on by Ford Japan Limited in Hiroshima. So there is this flower bed behind the "Orchard Road" of Hiroshima and its maintained by Ford employees..

With Summer approaching, the weeds were growing fast and these flowers need to be replanted into the old bed.. So the morning started with de weeding and removing the precious plants..

Its actually alot of hard work.. We have to squat to pluck out the weeds and plough the soil.. Removing the weeds was the most horrible part..

Cuz of these scary bugs!! Or maybe their larvae? I have no idea what they are, but they are freaky...
Like this one.. It makes my hair stand!!
When you get mud stuck in your shoes, you can do what Kugimoto-san is doing.. Dig them out with your rake.. He looks like the monkey god though.. Haha..
Then we put in the beautiful flowers into the flower bed, spray with water...

And we'll get the fruits of our labour! :D Phew.. That's a day of hardwork for us..

For people wondering how I look like after my perm, hope this tells enough.. :S Pudding head still there though.. But its alot of hardwork.. I lazed a large portion of the time.. And I didn't have the proper shoes for gardening.. So next time, please remember to wear covered shoes for gardening!
As the Japanese would say after their hardwork,
お疲れ様です。 o-tsu-ka-re-sa-ma-de-su!

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