Thursday, 1 May 2008

Tokyo Day 4 Part 2:お台場!to high class dinner!!

As mentioned, I would show you the view from the Ferris Wheel. People often enjoyed watching views at night where you see night lights of different buildings... But after I told Tat-chan its a pity tat we cannot take the Ferris Wheel at night, Tat-chan told me something which changed my preference for high altitude views.
"I prefer the day because you can see everything the way it is.The sillouette of the buildings and the colours are clearer in the day." That made alot of sense to me. I often take such high altitude views at night and rethinking this made me realise that I'm always looking at night lights.. Unless there is a building with special lights like hong kong or Esplanade, there is nothing special about such night views.

So here are some of the views and how the inside of the Ferris Wheel look like.. :P The ride is about 900yen which is S$12? Not that ex right? Well the Singapore Flyer is half hour though.. Think this one is 15 minutes..

After the little Ferris Wheel, we went to the Toyota museum where Tat-chan was so attracted to Toyota Crown.. So we tried to reserve a slot for the test drive.. We had wait for two hours before our turn comes though.. So we went Venus Fort, another area in Palette Town to take a nice walk..

Make a guess.. Is Venus Fort and indoor or outdoor attraction?

Actually quite obvious right? The lighting on the ceiling made the sky look quite fake.. Haha..

This one looks slightly more natural.. But the sky's colour is beautiful... And it makes no sense the lighting for my photo is so bad if the sky is real.. So haha.. yahz.. its a painted sky..

In Venus Fort, there was the Toyota museum where we saw alot of historic cars, racing cars... cars cars cars... As a girl, interest in the car museum wasn't on the top of my favourite attractions list.. Well, its free, so its not so bad right? HAha.. Mazda museum is more interesting since they highlight the production process of the cars.. The road you see on the level below is the test drive circuit.. Haha..

We kinda realise that if we were going for the test drive, there was no time to go Fuji TV..So we decided to skip that and check out Fuji TV before running off for dinner treat from Okaasan... I took a photo of the maritime museum from the monorail on the way to Fuji TV... I thought it looked really nice.. The car park had so many lots!! But parking in Japan is never by per entry, so i guess that explains the huge vacancies there..
At Fuji terebi, there were alot of vans parked there, selling food.. And I spotted the BAKUDAN.. Which means bomb!! Well, its just a takoyaki that's really huge.. As you can see from the sample, the takoyaki is humongous!!
On the left is Fuji TV building up close.. I made Tat-chan struggle to capture the globe of the building.. Haha..
By then, it was time to rush of for dinner.. So there was no time to take picture with the fake statue of Liberty.. Here's a game.. Can you spot where is the Statue?
We made it in time to meet Okaasan for dinner!! Think the restaurant we ate at was on the 49th floor or something.. Not exactly very tall, but we do have to keep in mind that Japan is an earthquake prone place..

Woah... Now this is really scary!!!
Not sure if you noticed, but Nozomi-chan, Tat-chan and Okaasan really look like each other... Replicas of their mother... :P

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