Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Farewell Lunch with HR Gals

It seems to be very memorable for me everytime I write a backdated entry on my adventures and experiences in Japan.. Like for this entry, I remember the HR girls who have been really kind and friendly to me when I was in Hiroshima.. This was definitely the place in the company where you would find the highest concentration of female employees..

Since it was my second last week in Hiroshima, I asked the girls out for a lunch.. Smith-san whose husband is an American(you'll see the young mother in the picture below), suggested Spanish food.. I was so excited since I've never really eaten Spanish food..

Being in Japan really exposed me alot to the European culture as there are so many authentic restaurants from all over the world.. And the best part is that Japan has the finest ingredients, which made the authentic food taste even better in their own country!

So for this great lunch, we all ordered the set lunch since lunch in most restaurants in Japan doesn't offer any choice.. But the set lunch is always good, so we have no worries about what we wanna eat.. For the set lunch here, we have three choices for every part of the meal.. I chose meatballs for the appetiser and it was served with fresh bread and salad.. And for the main course, I chose grilled chicken with herb paste sauce.. It was indeed spanish food cuz I've never eaten spanish food and it tasted like nothing I've ever eaten before..

And for the desert, my favourite!! Creme Brulee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best dish in my set lunch to be honest.. The appetiser and the main course felt really lite.. The Japanese portions were really filling despite its size.. Haha.. So the desert was the golden ribbon that tied up my meal..

So here's the beauties of HR who treated me to such a fantastic lunch and this entry makes me miss them! I hope they're all doing fine at Ford Hiroshima.. :) The only concern about their treat was whether I enjoyed the meal.. Of course I did! The company mattered most for this lunch.. And I really miss Hiroshima.. ITs such an iron since i miss Singapore when I was in Hiroshima.. Hmmm...

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