Tuesday, 27 May 2008

DIY Okonomiyaki Restaurant

After being missing in action for a time so long I can't count, here's another entry on the food in Hiroshima, Japan!!! Here is the famous okonomiyaki, but this time, in a new restaurant I've never been too. Taken by my dearest father-like Kishimoto-san, We had a great okonomiyaki at a new restaurant that I've never been to. Kishimoto-san changed his monday ENglish lesson to a Tuesday and it wasn't another meal at Yayoiken やよい軒... Thank toodles for that.. Not that i mind, since the food there was so fantastic..
Since it was a DIY okonomiyaki restautant, I can share with you how an okonomiyaki is made and how it should be.. here we have the osaka style okonomiyaki (大阪風お好み焼き) What is done is the ingredients are all placed in a bowl, main ingredients: cabbageキャベツ, two eggs卵, toppings: baconベーコン and cheeseチーズ.. check out the colour of the egg yolk... Den we mix everything within the bowl till it looks mushy...

Den we would put it on the teppanyaki鉄板焼き grill as you see here:Cook on one side till its done to your desired rightness and FLIP!

Cook on the other side and put on the okonomiyaki sauce.. And of course, we won't forget everyone's favourite Japanese Mayonnaise..
Sprinkle ふりかけand花鰹 And here now you can eat!! See! Its easy! Anyone can cook! Who say you can't cook? When you're at this restaurant, you can make okonomiyaki!! :P
Now we're done with dinner, let's have the English lesson over a cup of caramel latte and chocolate latte!

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